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Prize-winning "DSO Quad" Box Design

Prize-winning "DSO Quad" Box Design

A while back I entered a graphic design competition to create the box art for an electronics test/measurement device. Hoping at least to be nominated, I was instead excited to learn that my submission was the winning design!

Seeed Studio is a Chinese company that designs and manufactures electronics kits and devices that are aimed at the hobbyist market. A while back, they were getting ready to release a new, and eagerly-anticipated product: The DSO Quad. For those that are interested, this is a pocket-sized, 4-channel digital storage oscilloscope… quite a neat little package!

Being a largely community-driven innovator, Seeed Studio decided to hold a graphic design competition to find the best artwork for the DSO Quad box. I came across the competition on its last day, and thought I would give it a try. Not expecting much, but still keen to try my hand at designing some packaging, I put together a few designs and submitted them.

Some time later, I was pleasantly surprised and very excited to be informed that one of my designs had been chosen as the winner! To have been selected as the best amongst many other excellent designs, was a great honour. I am proud to present the completed product:

Front and back sides of DSO Quad box Front and back sides of DSO Quad box

This is the box as I received it a few days ago, and shows the front and back sides. While not clear from these photos, the curving wires of the illustration flow all the way around the box, and a nice combination of matt and gloss finishes has been used to make the illustration and other key features stand out.

Here is a detail shot of the icons I designed for the Key Features listed on the back of the box:

Detail of icons for Key Features Detail of icons for Key Features

Later I’ll share some more information about what’s actually supplied in the box…

What's in this box? What's in this box?

In the mean time, if electronics is your thing, you might want to check out Seeed Studio. They encourage the community to submit ideas for various hobbyist electronics products, and then help drive design, prototyping, manufacturing, and sales of those products through their websites. I’ve recently purchased a stack of their gear, and I’ll tell you more about that later. Keep an eye on the “Technology” category…



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