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My First YouTube Video: Inkjet Printer Teardown

My First YouTube Video: Inkjet Printer Teardown

I made a YouTube video. I plan to make a series of them. It will mostly just be about electronics stuff, and pretty random at that. Will it make me rich and famous? Probably only “a bit”.

AMMAURO #1 - Inkjet Printer Teardown

Here’s a video in which I take a grimy old inkjet printer that I found on the side of the road, and tear it down to see what parts I can salvage from it:

This is my first attempt at creating a YouTube video. From time to time you will hopefully see me post new videos on my YouTube channel. They’ll likely all focus on electronics, hacker/maker stuff, and maybe other science and technology. All of my videos of this ilk will be marked with the “AMMAURO” prefix.

If you’d like to comment – say, with feedback, requests, or suggestions – the best way will be via the YouTube comments of each video.



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